Image The best golf courses on the planet

The best golf courses on the planet

The best golf courses on the planet

The world is full of natural green landscapes with beautiful scenery that are served as perfect places for golf courses. They are ones of the best attractions that attract a number of tourists and host popular world's game competitions where many experienced golfers show their skills.

List of the best golf courses on the planet

  • Pine Valley Golf Club

Located in Clementon of New Jersey, Pine Valley Golf Club, is among the favorite courses of many golfers from many other countries. It is a rare and incomparable golf course.

Many golfers recommend this course as a perfect place for golfing. Thanks to its long experiences from 1913, Pine Valley has become more and more attractive and well-equipped.

Going to Pine Valley is not only for playing golf but it also allows to experience the beautiful scenery built by super-green lands, surrounded by tall pine forests and boarded by waterfront spots. 

  • Old Course

This is one of the world's oldest golf courses, situated in St. Andrew of the United Kingdom. A lot of talented golfers are dreaming of playing in Old Course which is also one of the most popular in the planet.

The founders of the course started from the 15th century and have found big evolution in recent years. The course is made of 4 excellent 18-holes, 1 9-holes and a practice center for the golfer's accommodation. Old course is a public area but you have to make reservations to discover the place. 

  • Cypress Point Club

Cypress Point Club is a seaside spot with a very attractive view. The course is settled in the middle of tall tree forests, along the nice beach of Pebble, in California.

Rocky lands, sand dunes and fresh air from the blue ocean all make Cypress Point a perfect destination not only for golfing but also for enjoying the green features.

It is a private place that many golfers deeply appreciate. It has a series of three dramatic holes which are considered among the best in the world. 

  • Valderrama Sotogrande

Located in Spain, it is among the greatest golf courses in the world. The place has a beautiful overview characterized by super-green grasses and trees and beautiful holes.

The place is really playable for golfers and looks very picturesque for anyone who wants to keep good memories. A great number of golfers and visitors yearly come to Valderrama Sotogrande to enjoy the beauty of the place. This is one of the most beautiful attractions that you should not miss to visit while traveling in Spain.

Take a world tour and discover the best courses on the planet

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