Image On holidays, bring your golf club with you !

On holidays, bring your golf club with you !

On holidays, bring your golf club with you !

Everyone should play golf for fun. Although golf can create a lot of frustrations, keeping a cool head will give you a lot more play and make sure you have a good time. And even during the holidays, you could always take your golf instruments with you. You are a golf fan and you like to visit travel destinations ? Why not talk about your favourite golf destinations on a blog and earn money with it ? Visit for more information.

What are the other essentials to remember in addition to the usual equipment?

In addition to golf clubs, there are things to take away when planning to play golf 

  • In particular for hot destinations, sunscreen or colored clothing is essential. Depending on the length of your trip, you will not always be safe from sunburn. 
  • Bring an umbrella, not just for rain but to shelter from the sun. Strange as it may seem, an umbrella used on a golf course can lower the temperature by more than 5 degrees, and makes all the differences between being dehydrated and heat exhaustion before you even finish the game. 
  • Finally, always bring the gear that any prepared golfer has, such as spare gloves, a towel or two (very useful for wiping sweat off your hands and grips).

The must-see destinations for golf

If you are really passionate and are looking for the best spots on earth for golf, this selection will be a great help. 

  • Hilton Head: among the best courses Hilton Head Island has been affectionately nicknamed the island of golf by the aficionados. It is mainly due to the quality of its courses. More than 50% of Hilton Head Island's golf courses are rated 4 stars by Golf Digest magazine, like the Hilton Head National. 
  • The Mississippi, uncrowded but very beautiful. Grand Bear, BiloxiIt has remained a popular destination for golfers despite the 2010 Gulf oil incident. For example, there are some very beautiful courses like the one in Grand Bear, in the Biloxi region.
  • Mingle two passions to Don Shula Don Shula Hotel & Golf ClubFans of American football and golf will undoubtedly enjoy a stay at the Don Shula Hotel & Golf Club, which has been erected in honor of the American coach of the Miami Dolphins: Don Shula. 
  • The Unmissable Myrtle Beach Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach is a must for holidays in autumn or spring. More than 125 courses can be found in this seaside area of South Carolina, within a radius of 100 kilometers. There are the most beautiful courses in the United States, and the most original. For example, you may be surprised by the young alligators at TPC Myrtle Beach, as well as Blackmoor where you have to walk along a graveyard on the 13th hole. 
  • The Caribbean The Caribbean is home to the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Among them is the Punta Cana Resort & Club bordering the Atlantic, which is the lost irresistible golf destination in the region. Indeed, it is very pleasant to go along the course which is at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Go on an impulse

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